Service Support


Ⅰ.Scope of Services

1. Maintain the normal operation of the software and hardware used by customers;

2. Troubleshoot and solve problems with technical obstacles:

3. Assist customers in using the software:

4. Assist customers to carry out technical upgrades and upgrade services.

Ⅱ. Service process
1. Customers make technical support or after-sales service requests to us.

2. After we confirm the request, we will arrange professional and technical personnel to provide service.

3. In the process of service, we will communicate with customers at any time and make every effort to solve problems.

Ⅲ. Service Content
1. Technical support
(1) Provide remote technical support
Provide remote technical support, by phone, email, by way,
Provide customers with fast, efficient and professional technical support.

(2) Customized technical support
Customers can choose customized technical support, which we will provide according to customer needs
Personalized and efficient technical support services.

2. After-sales service
All services are within the warranty, if the damage is caused by human factors, it is not covered by the warranty.
Maintenance fees will be charged at the discretion of the actual condition

(1) Software Upgrades and Updates
According to the needs of customers, provide software upgrade and update services.

(2) Equipment repair and replacement
Provide equipment repair and replacement services to ensure the normal operation of customers' equipment.

Ⅳ.Service Standards
1. Quick response
Once a customer initiates a service request, we will respond quickly.

2. Skilled and professional
Our technicians are professionally trained and practiced, and are proficient in technical issues.
Professional technical support capabilities.

3. Efficient solution
We will proactively solve problems from the customer's point of view to achieve efficient service results.